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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pretty stuffs.

Mood: (YAY)

Music: None.


About time for some of my current favorite pretty girls I've seen around the internet:



Anyways, how cute are THEY?  I have my own house.  I have my own SHIT.  I'm happy, I'm working, but I almost died in a car crash, where I beat my feet legs, arm and head up pretty bad.  60 into a rock face, I fell asleep.  I have no time anymore to write, but I will say that I check my myspace more often.  Anyways, later.





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PeNuT Was Lame - Wednesday, August 27, 2008 09:56 pm (Profile)

Friday, February 15, 2008

A long time running.

Music: Cryptopsy - Dead And Dripping

Mood:  (Sleepy Fucker)


I'm alive.  I'm happy.   And really not on the internet right now, sorry.  I'll write a big ol' damn entry when I get time.  Thanks guys!



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PeNuT Was Lame - Friday, February 15, 2008 03:13 pm (Profile)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mustard Man!

Music: Velvet Acid Christ - Collapsed

Mood: (Crabby)


              When Mega came to see me at work just now you would have thought I would have been happy my old best friend I grew apart from came to see me. Instead, I feel almost ashamed to say I feel abandoned by everyone. All of my friends don't mesh well with me anymore. I feel so much older now, with a rock on my finger, living on your own, working. One of my old friends doesnít have those concerns right now; She's still looming over another year of high school. I also can't deal with my friends drama. The two faced ways about them is SO fuckin' unnecessary. Every fucking bit of it is damn unnecessary. Who the hell get's bitchy because people wouldn't walk directly beside them in the mall? Who the hell get's pissed off because you make a joke referring to yourself banging someone they have a crush on, making it very VERY clear that it's just a joke? No one sane, that's fucking who. And also, who sane would still be friends with someone who lies to them (directly to their face, by the way) and goes off with their Ex-Boyfriend like they were best pals ever, and treats everyone like shit? No one, that's who. I have NEVER done anything like that, EVER, yet I'm still seen as the bitchy one, and that person who treated them like shit still get's a better place in their life than me. That's just CRAZYNESS. I'm not fucking doing it anymore. I've made a promise to myself, there will be NO more drama. Of any kind, ever. If anyone puts me in a position on a daily basis where I have to hear about drama or be involved with it, I will NOT talk to them anymore. Iím proving that now by completely cutting those people out of my life. I donít deserve to be looked down on when my friendship was so strong and so fucking decent, that I would never DREAM of doing half of the things the other person has to them. Itís mind blowing how much none of this is sane. So, Iím done. I loved them both like brother and sister. Hell, one of them doesnít surprise me, him calling me a piece of shit. I know he always really thought that, and I know he always meant all of those things he called me, because heís a shitty human being like that, corrupted by his out of their damn mind parents, and a general little snobby spoiled gay boy who has no other friends because heís so fucking pathetic. Really, who the hell hasnít had a normal relationship with ANYONE in who fucking knows how long because heís too scared of his Mamma? Sooner or later, I would stop blaming the town Iím in and just accept that everyone around me that even acts nice, wouldnít even notice me if I wasnít gay. Jesus Christ, it makes me SO mad to think of the disrespectful and hurtful stupid SHITTY things he said down his nose to me. That is FINE. When he gets AIDS, he better not come crawling to me to speak at his funeral. My friends arenít there for me anymore emotionally, and thatís fine, I have Rumfelt. Greene and me are now pretty good friends. I mean, sitting on his bed stuffing as many nose plugs as we can up our nose is pretty fun. I discovered if you put enough it looks like a mustache. Heís not my best friend or anything, but itís nice to have at least a friend outside of my boyfriend.

Alright, enough of that. :P

Iím getting calmer, more mellow. All around less angry. Though you couldnít tell from that little rant above, itís true. Me and my mom said our peace to each other. I told her how much a piece of shit she was, she told me how big of one I was. I told her she could suck my dick, she stood there and cryed. I kicked her out of the lobby of where I work, she left. The end. So, thereís the drama of it all. Blah blah. My dad still hasnít called me or anything, but what else is new. I miss him very much but I canít fight to have a place in my dadís life. Itís too much work. Watch CKY3, itís pretty much the funniest shit ever. Mustand Man makes me laugh hard, and BAM looks very good in the Beast Man Video.


I have a tan, for the first time EVER. Itís really nice actually. Iíve lost a few. Iím going to do something awesome with my hair, I just donít know what yet, haha. Iím honest to god thinking about rainbow streaks, which would be the shit. Expensive as HELL, but the shit. I know Mindy could do it, sheís absolutely awesome.

My car is kinda acting funny and it makes me nervous. Iíve gone over everything that it might possibly be and I canít really find what it is thatís making it do it. When it dropps down to first gear, or Iím going up a hill, it seems to vibrate like itís not in gear. It mostly happens when I get down to about a Quarter of gas left. Weird, huh? Who the hell knows.

Iíve been going up to Rumfeltís Uncle with him, and his little cousin Sabrina is cute as hell. I put make up on her, taken her to bible school, I bring her stuff. Sheís just a cute girl. His uncle and his aunt are both nice, it just makes me sad that some people try to take advantage of his Uncle. Whatever, itís none of my business.

Iíve gone through TWO road checks in a matter of two weeks, both when I happen to not have my license on me. I had to send it in to get a new social security card, so the fuckiní cops had to look me up. One almost ran over me pulling behind me to check my license, because right before the road check is where Rumfeltís uncleís house is. So we pulled in. He thought we were avoiding the road check. We wasnít, duh, but he insisted on catching us red handedÖ..turning into a driveway. He felt like a retard, he had to of.

I lost $200 in Asheville with Greene and Rumfelt going to see Hostel 2. I hope whoever has my fucking money chokes on it. J

I love Rumfelt. I love him a lot. I also love the fact that heís sweet enough to bring me food while Iím at work. Seriously. I LOVE HIM. :3

Yeah, Iím happy. Life is good, life is happy. I miss Mega, and I miss some of my old life, but fuck it. Things are still good. Life sucks, blah blah, Iím sick of that shit. It could be worse. THINGS ARE FINE.

Iím done. Iíll write more when I have more to write. :D



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PeNuT Was Lame - Wednesday, July 25, 2007 04:21 am (Profile)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Plaid High Heels.

Music:  Tanning Beds humming.
Mood: (Mellow)

          So, we had our final band concert last night.  I cryed, not in the little dot your eyes and smile kind of way, but in the full on gross looking way that makes people feel awkward.  I did it mostly when I got home, but none the less I did.  We gave Mr. Drum a card.  Yeah, I know that dosn't sound like much, but we also gave him $40 to go and see Pirates 3.  It was quite a task actually because I had to get every band member to sign it in one day.  Andrew wouldn't do it; I really don't know why but either way it got done, blah blah.  

    I had a really terrible dream that me and Rumfelt were driving in my car on red hill, we came around into a curve and a huge truck hit the car.  In my dream through my eyes I kind of closed them really tight and almost saw inside my eyes the car turning upside down.  Then, when I opened them I looked over into the eyes of Rumfelt and he was just...dead.  He had blood allover his mouth and in his hair.  He had his arm broken and his body was hanging limp inside the seat belt.  I freaked out lets just say.  Something like that is truely upsetting, yah know?

    Looking at my yearbook almost makes me cry, I really don't know why, maybe it's because I know this is my last year book I'll ever get, theres so much love written on the insides, and I'm just kinda happy about having things written to me.  I like feeling loved just like the next person, so sue me.  By the way, if your reading this and want to sign my year book (if you go to my school, retards) then just tell me and I'll give it to you.

          I've graduated!  I'm now an adult, or whatever in hell you want to call it.  Graduation is kind of gay though because I was burning up in the big purple moo moo they gave us to wear and I was just sitting there sweating.  Really gross, seriously.  Dexie played a really pretty song on violin for the entire place and I was proud of him. Nonni actually didn't end up wailing and screaming, rolling around.  She cryed as soon as we woke up though, and continued until we walked in.  I had to sit beside Bow Webb and he had a huge nasty burn scar on his upper arm and kept absently rubbing it on me.  When I relised what it was I almost vomited friday morning.  We had to practice alot, because apparently people can't just walk and sit down, nooo, we have to spend two days for two hours walking around and sitting.  It wasn't that big of a deal.  Senior breakfast was cool, I stole a bunch of food for my friends because they wern't allowed to eat it being juniors and all, but I smuggled some to them just in time for the Authority figures to say it was ok for them to get some.  REALLY pissed off, I worked really hard to steal that food.

          Pictures of Nick slapping Kasey's goat "Oreo" are some of the things I'm going to have to get on the web. XD

          Working sucks, but I guess you gotta do it.  All my friends and everyone is always working, even Rumfelt.  It kind of depresses me because I want to hang out like the old days, then I remember it's not the old days and I have to grow up and play "Adult" :(  I just want to hang out and play video games with my best friends. 

      Nonni went absolutely STUPID Saturday night, as well did Dexie.  Myself included.  None the less we ended up driveing around buladean,then driveing up the Mountain to meet Brandon at 3 in the morning.  He finely showed up after we got chased up the moutain by some rabid truck driveing redneck.  I could of killed him, really I could have.  Then Steven his cousin was absolutely bombed, so Brandon was pissed off.  Needless to say we didn't hang out with Brandon too long, he wanted to go to bed so we left. 

      I'm getting tan, working at a tanning salon is really cool, because you get free tanning.  It makes me happy.  Rumfelt came in a little while ago and said hello, then Kasey did too. 

     WELL it seems that I have H. Pielorie.  It's a stomach condition where the lineing of your stomach seems flamed and irritated, it leads to stomach olsers and bleeding of the stomach.  It's the reason I've been so sick for so long.  None of my other doctors ever cought it, but I'm going to a new one named Quinn who happend to of blood tested me and found it.

     Oh, and that's a story on it's own.  I got my blood taken a little while ago and I went psycho.  I told this poor old lady that I was going to punch her.  This poor old lady at the Bakersville Clinic begged me not to and kept on flinching every time that I would suck breath in or wiggle.  I have a huge phobia of getting blood taken.  I know that sounds stupid with all the piercings that I have, but it's a bit different when you stick some medal into flesh and it's a hole, it's another story when they're sticking a needle into your blood flow.  Also, it dosn't bother anyone but me.  I can watch other people have it done, hell I can even do it, but try doing it to me and I will go ape shit and more than likely punch you.

    I had to have my Kidney's screened and checked from where I did all of those pills.  They said amazeingly my Kidney's and liver were absolutely fine and that I should be glad I didn't do any damage.  Yeah, I guess so.  But let's just try not to make me sound like such a damn Junkie.  Whatever....god.

    I'm making a layout site, sooo...yeah.  Pretty cool, I take requests, blah blah blah.  Whatever.  I think that James my good friend is coming up for the summer from his dad's house on the beach.  I didn't get to see him last time he was up, me and him had both tryed to find eachothers phone numbers for like, two weeks before he got here and a little after.  James is a cool dude, and a total homie, he was attached to my hip for an entire year.  When he moved it was really sad.  I remember having a slight crush on him for a while, but now it's just brotherly love.  He's cool, seriously. XD I can ramble on with some stories.

     The band cookout at Bradragen was fuckin' awesome.  Midge playing kitty made me laugh my ass off.  Andrew "The cubin gangster" was angerly spinned on the mary-go-round until he almost vomited then when he tryed to run away from MIdge he fell face first into the ground.  We got it on VIDEO, ha.

     I'll be driving again really soon.  Which rocks, and now if I give you a ride, you pay me money!  :) How bitchy is THAT?

I'll be getting a tattoo in 15 days.  HAR.  My myspace background is what I'm going to get.  Two skulls kissing to make a heart, on each collar bone.  Oh buddy bud.  

My birthday is in 10 days!!!



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PeNuT Was Lame - Monday, May 28, 2007 01:57 pm (Profile)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Guess what? :D

Music: Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Mood:  (HAPPY!)


               HOLY FUCKIN' FRUIT LOOPS!  We won FIRST bitches.  First at our band competition.  Not only that, but we got superior.  In bandie language?  We got the top of the top.  We worked hard and we deserved it.  The secound time in TWENTY YEARS.

           Anyways, I'm happy.  The band trip was fun as hell.  The trip down there I was absolutely dead from the neck up asleep.  I slept the entire way there, and didn't hardly eat because I was refuseing to eat fast food.  I can't eat that shit when my stomach has been asleep for 9 hours.  We got there and swam.  I ran head first and took a barreling dive in.  Swimming is fun, but there's only so much you can do, so we went back up to the room.  Me, Kasey, Nonni, and Ginny roomed together.  Our rooms were connected to Ashlyn's room with four other girls in it.  So we spent most of the night in the same room.  Blah blah, we had our competition, I sweated almost through my uniform in 94 degree weather, blah blah, I have scars on my hips from my damn lame assed quad carrier.  We went to universal studios, Island of Adventures, then we came home.  I bought up a bunch of shit and pretty much cleaned out any and every place of anything remotely Hello Kitty. :)

              So I'm home.

         My birthday is in less than a month.  For my birthday my car will be fixed, and I'll be a drivein' fool once again.  No more bumming rides from Rumfelt, Nonni, Dexie, or Brandon. Speaking of, Poor Brandon.  I LOVE YOU, HOMIE.  You brought me Pizza, and drinks, and more pizza, and food, and I love you majorly for it.  Accept David stole half of it and I had to beat Thomas half to death to try to get him off the other slices. 

           I don't even know right now if I'm going to graduate.  Who in fuck knows, who in fuck cares, blah blah, yeah yeah.  I'm sick of getting shit on constantly about my grades and how I "Just don't seem to care too much".  YES, I care.  I just don't want to do anything.  Oh yeah, did I mention that:


Yeah, well I am.  Haha.  It kicks some major ass. 

     My sister opened up a Tanning bed place.  It makes me happy because I've been laying in the tanning bed for free.  Yayness.

Tam8poNPop8siclE: So.  Yeah.  Ass sex.  What of it?
Pirwzwhomper: depends on the ass, really
Tam8poNPop8siclE: ....So.  No gross fat chick anal sex.
Pirwzwhomper: doesn't depend on weight really
Tam8poNPop8siclE: I was getting ready to say, too bad for me then. XD

         My friend!  I wish he would strike his blog back up or start calling me again. *cough HACK*fucker*HACKKKK*.

          Apparently everyone is convinced that I'm some nasty knob slobbing whore for always being around dudes at school.  Cool, just what I always wanted.  Rumors spread at my expense.  Well, to all you cock swallowing bitches:


         My FRIENDS and I are none of your damn business, Nick and Brandon are always around me because that's what best friends are like, not being we're dateing.  I don't understand the people at my school.  I get at least six girls or guys a day asking me if I'm going out with either Brandon or Nick.  I'm not.  Shut up.  I'm dateing Rumfelt.  Ask him.

          So, apparently Matt is a cool guy and he's cool to talk to.  I thought I would hate him but he's in my Techmath class and we get along pretty good.  I like it when people suprise me by not being cum guzzlers.

     SUMMER WON PROM QUEEN.  I love Summer, and the fact that a cool chick won prom queen.  I was there, decked out in a strapless green dress, no piercings, hair done, and no extreme makeup.  It kind of pissed me off though because people kept going "OH MY GOD, you like, actually, like, LOOK PRETTY! LIKE OMGGGGGG!!!" like the rest of the time I was disgusting.  Even Hopson said that I looked very pretty, that he respected how I dress, but I was much more pretty without all of those picercings and all that garbage.  It kind of hurt my feelings. So I got anti-social and pissed off, which sparked the fire for me to almost get in, count them, TWO fights in one hour.  One with a snotty little bitch who has had it comeing for I don't know how long and yes this bitch knows just who she is, and another jock asshole who won't let my friends have a good prom because he's closed minded (way damn too conserned about gay people for it to be normal) prick.  Both I was to the point of almost strangleing.  OF CORSE Brandon didn't come, who was going to be my date.  Rumfelt couldn't come either, who I wanted to go with me first but he got denied.  Then Brandon decited that he didn't want to go and spend all that money so I just said fuck it and went with my homies and myself.

         Tattoos you ask?  Why yes, I will be getting a tattoo for my birthday, how nice of you to ask.


   My back hurts, I'm failing my classes, but the good news is that Mr. Becher with the comb over gave me two ring pops because I'm not mentaly retarded and got some of his riddles while the rest of my Tech Math class sat there and drooled like sheep dogs.  :)

          Paul got a girlfriend and completely forgot about me.  He hasn't called me or hung out with me in forever.  It kinda sucks because he's my buddy, but that's the bad thing about having alot of guy friends.  Girls will still hang out with you, guys just completely ignore you because they're girlfriends will get mad that your hanging out with them.  It's pretty gay, but I understand, I've been in a relationship once where I ignored all my friends and just hung out with him so I have no reason to really talk. 

          I've been watching alot of Kurt Cobain videos.  Oh jesus, the flame I have for that man is crazy. 

         I'm also going to Rape Amber for 1. Bringing me Hello Kitty stuff 2. Wearing a Danzig shirt.

    I'm out.  The internet is gay now. :)



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PeNuT Was Lame - Saturday, May 12, 2007 05:54 pm (Profile)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Har fuckin' HAR bitch.

Music:  Kottonmouth Kings - Johnny's Gotta Problem
Mood:   (Fuck time change)

  Well, even though we all know that time change is a complete bastard, it has really REALLY made me angry.  I feel sick, I feel tired, and I wanna go home. :(

There, I'm done bitching.

I got new makeup, and it made me feel great.  It was kind of bitter sweet, but something happend this weekend that involved alcohol that really changed alot of things and made me sad, but I'm getting over it, because you know shit happens and things are more important then something like that.

My prom dress rocks ass, but I'm scared to death I'm going to step on the bottom of it and my tit is going to pop out.  I will just pull my dress up, but that also means that alot of people I dislike just saw my rack.  Rumfelt is going with me.  He's getting a prettyful suit, wearing his skate shoes, pulling his hair back, and leaveing his lip ring in.  Which is kinda what I'm doing except I'm kind of going bear footed and I'm takeing my plugs out.  I'm going to let them shrink over the weekend, and then they'll convert back to normal size by the time of the prom.  The girl in me just won't allow myself to mix Flame plugs with a pretty assed green prom dress.  Only problem?  I'm cubby and the gown is not what you would call for a puddey girls.  Damnit. 

Well, me and Rumfelt have fun playing Mortal Combat, haha.  It was great, but let me be the first to point out that I WHOOPED his ass.  Yeah, feel the wrath.

Muncho chips are really good, but they make you shit.  They should put some sort of warning on the bag at least.  Me and Nonni couldn't figure out what was going on until Kayla (Cakeface) told us they make you poop.

I thought Brandon was ignoreing me all this weekend, but it turns out his cellphone was just dead.

I'm scared I'm going to fail my classes.  I mean, I just get lazy and I can't break out of the habbit of not doing anything.  For instance, I'm not doing shit right now.

I have no makeup on right now and I look like shit.  So, why in hell is Amer takeing pictures of me and her if I look horrible? XD

I have nothing at all to talk about.  I just wanted to update and say I'm happy, content, and life is nice right now even though it's stressful.

Much love to you, because you know who you are. <3<3<3<3



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PeNuT Was Lame - Monday, March 19, 2007 04:51 am (Profile)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Emotional Bullshit, yo.

Music:  The Cramps - Bop pills
Mood:  (Aggervated)

       Am I the only one in the known universe that dosn't have a god awful Xanga?  I don't want to add everyone at my High School so they can read every little hissy fit and every little thing wrong with my life.  I don't get people around here.

    I'm angry, sad, and really worried today.  When my friends get angry at me, I get really stressed out.  The only problem is I honestly didn't do anything.  I don't like the guy she does, and it wouldn't be my falt if he liked me.  I'm sick of all the immature bullshit.  When I get my feelings hurt, I feel like such a pussy sometimes.  Yeah, most of the time I get really damn angry, but there are sometimes when I just get hurt, I sit there, and I don't really talk very much.  Today was one of those things.  Jesus, I don't get anyone anymore.  Everyone is so different.  People I've known for years, I mean....YEARS...have completely changed right before me.  I was talking to Dexie about it in his car.  I seems that me and him are just standing there looking at everyone like they're crazy as hell.  My homies, my damn hardcore homies...well...at least one of them, has completely abandoned me.  That really fucking hurts.  When I love someone like a sister, they don't just run off.  Whatever, I'm starting to see now that I get older who will actually be there until the end, not just until high school is over and they don't need someone to eat lunch with anymore.

    Jealous little highschool bitches are makeing me angry.  I'm sick of feeling like everytime I walk down the hall, I'm on disply like some stupid assed Soap-Opra.  Everyone is so damn intrested in who I'm dateing....what is this person and me doing right now, why am I fighting with them, and why is this person this...blah blah blah blah.  No one around here has enough of a life themselves to stay out of everyones shit.  NO I'm not dateing Brandon, NO we will not be dateing anytime soon, he is my best friend, and just because he's not a gay man dosn't mean that I'm having sex with him, dateing him, or anything like that. *sticks out tounge* I feel better, I just really need to get out of this county for a while.

    When me and Paul went to Asheville the other day I felt so great, because it was like, I was gone for so fucking long that I forgot how shitty and gay everyone is here.  We walked into a store and people didn't just stop and stare at us.  We did that at walmart in Spruce Pine and this chick almost dropped her gallon of milk.  Gah.

    I have a HUGEEEE crush on someone at school, but he's very much taken, and very much completely blinded by the fact that I gwak at him everysingle day in secound block.  He's just sitting there, with no idea.  I wouldn't break him and his chick up, but honestly, I liked him for 4 years now, I think I should be able to at least take a stabb at it.

       Whatever is going on with me and Rumfelt, I don't even know.  Sometimes I'm happy about it, sometimes I'm not, sometimes it's kinda like "Eh, wing it".  Who really knows, I know he dosn't, I most certinaly don't, so what the fuck ever.

    I met some kid in my frist block that I knew in middle school.  He use to ride my bus, and talk alot about my friends and shit.  He was a pretty good friend of mine.  He got so different and older that I really didn't know who the hell he was.  He gos "Hey, you more than likely don't remember me, I use to ride your bus, and we were pretty good friends and all that..." and I just dumbly stared at him, and then finley noticed who he was and said "LEVI! Heyyy!".  That kinda cheered me up, I miss some of my old homies.

             MY SCHEDULE SUCKS. :)

       I passed all my classes last semester, so I'm getting my car back.  No more bumming rides, thank god.  I'm getting a job, which really sucks, bleh. 

    I have nothing else to talk about, except for the fact that band rocks, and everyone needs to come to a basketball game once in a while.  I'll completely hang out with you, I swear.  Haha, later yo.


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PeNuT Was Lame - Thursday, January 11, 2007 02:37 pm (Profile)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hotness, anyone?

Music: Watching Cartoons.

I've done this before, but I want to do it again.  The top guys and girls that I find damn fucking hot.  :D


Colin Farrell

Fuck-a-tie-FUCKFUCK.  He is damn hot.  His accent get's me every single time.  I love his look, five oclock shadows are sexy.  Mostly though, it's the accent. :)

Gerard Way

Yeah, I know.  My Chemical Romance gayness.  But this picture, I saw it and I swear to GOD my stomach ended up in my vagina.  I love LOVE this picture.  MMz.

Billie armstrong

Holy GOD.  Yeah.  I would tap that.  NO, he's not gay.  He's got kids.  I love his eyes, eyeliner is god.

Trent Reznor

Comeon now.  You actually thought I wouldn't put him in, the kind of bondage?  I really really love a guy who can strap on some bondage gear and talk about fucking me like an animal.  Jesus.

Marilyn Manson

Yeah, he dosn't look very hot with all that damn makeup on, but with it off he's very damn hot.  :)

Johnny Depp

Yeah, so you thought that Johnny Depp wouldn't be on here?  What are you, fucking retarded?  He's amazeing, sexy, and I would give anything at any time just to look at his penis. :)

Ville Vallo

God, looking at him makes my stomach do weird things.  It's weird though, off camra the boy is ugly as hell.  Videos and pictures, he's beautiful.  Hmm.  More than likely fake, but who cares, he's good to look at.

Sid Vicious

Damn.  DAMN.  One of the oldest stories in the book.  Sid Vicious is somewhat of a teen crush of mine.  Almost like those little girls looking at Hanson on posters and shit.

James Dean

The classic sexy man.  Really they'res nothing I can say about him that hasn't already been said, so hey.

Anthony Kiedis

Wow.  In most of his pictures, he looks gross.  Mostly his music makes me so attracted to him, as strange as that is.

Justin Sane

Something about punk guys makes me hot as fucking hell.  Lead singer of Anti-Flag, oh yeah.

Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter)

Benji Madden

God, I hate myself for likeing such scene and dumb assed guys.  That's why I'm not shallow though.  The reason that you don't see me with these people, is because I HATE THEM.  I just want to fuck them.  There's a difference.  Seriously.

Davey Havok

HAHAH.  AFI is gay. :)  Mmm, I wanna bang him.

Jade Puget

Usually Asians are gross.  HA, his name is Jade.  That sounds like a dragqueen. :)

Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley)

Kurt Cobain

Ahhh, and now for my favorite.  The center of my puddle of lust.  Kurt FUCKING Cobain.  <3<3<3

Alright, now for my chick section, which is much smaller.

Fiona Apple

Dark, White, yet sexy.  This bitch has alot of Emotion.  And she's hot.

Courtney Love

GOD, I hate her so much, and I hate myself for wanting to do her.

Angelina Jolie

What else can I say about the sexiest woman on earth?  She's sexy, dark, and she would crack your ass with a whip for no reason at all.

Marilyn Monroe

The queen of fucking around.  Only Marilyn Monroe could make a President unbutton his pants back in that day.  Clinton dosn't count, he would fuck a warm body.

Bettie Page

What, are you kidding?  Bondage queen, sexy as hell.  This bitch is HOT.

Dita Von Teese

Marilyn Mansons girlfriend.  She's fucking awesome, and the modern day pinup girl.  Very nice.

Tyra Banks

Yes, how damn generic of me.  But I can't help it.

Kirsten Dunst

Something about her really is hot, I don't know what it is.  I like it though.  She was a great actress even as a child.

Lindsay Lohan

......Jesus god.  WOW.  I watched Mean Girls, and damnit.  HER BOOBS ARE REAL.  Yes, they are.  It's called Puberty.

Well, thats my list.  I feel better now. :)  Hope you do too. ;D



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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Family fun until kingdom come.

Music:  Cascada - Miracle
Mood:  (Bored)

       My family managed to actually get through thanksgiving without anyone getting the cops called, like last year.  It's really fuckin' awkward to sit in a room where absolutely everyone hates eachother, except for you.  It's weird, because it's usually the other way around completely for me.  Strange.  I hate family holidays, because I don't really have a functioning family to hang out with.  I guess I can settle on just being the kid that everyone in my family runs to to bitch about one another.  That way though, I know how everyone is, and I know alot of dirt on alot of people.

    The christians in this god forsaken place have really gotten under my skin, appart from them actually stopping me and talking to me about my religious choices, they've even dropped down so low as to CALL MY HOUSE.  People!  PLEASE.  I'm not coming to your cult like god forsaken church picknicks, I'm not going to wear crosses and pray to a pretend thing up in the clouds.  I'm sorry, no that dosn't make me a bad person, that makes me intelligent to make my own un-brainwashed choices.  RESPECT THEM, AND I WILL RESPECT YOURS.

         Well, school is actually not that bad.  I'm happy to say that I'm actually working on not sucking in school, I'm hopeing be sucessful, I don't really know.  Whatever though.  I hope to god I pass them all so I can finley get my beautiful car back, and not rely on Chelsea and Dexie to take me everywhere.  Nonni got her licence the other day, so that means I'm the last one of all my friends to get her licence.  I'm gay.

  FAKE PEOPLE SUCK.  GLORIA GORE IS NOT FAKE, THUS I LOVE THE BITCH TO DEATH.   (Name was changed, because I don't wanna hear the Drama)

pukeforbreakfast: cuntface <3
Tam8poNPop8siclE: Hey, wanna suck a fart from my ass?  <3<3 Hola. :-)
pukeforbreakfast: i lol'd
pukeforbreakfast: anything 4 u
Tam8poNPop8siclE: Awwz.  True <3.
pukeforbreakfast: so like ****** is in a group home
pukeforbreakfast: lol
Tam8poNPop8siclE: Whyy?
pukeforbreakfast: i duno she couldnt take living with her parents anymore
Tam8poNPop8siclE: What did they do that was so horribly horrible?
pukeforbreakfast: i duno really
pukeforbreakfast: she didnt tell me alot except they bitched her out all the time
Tam8poNPop8siclE: Soo, you can go to a home for your parents bitching at you?  Why the fuck ain't I in a home, my parents use to fucking hit me.
pukeforbreakfast: that too
pukeforbreakfast: i think maybe she was just bored with her life or something
Tam8poNPop8siclE: Hahah.  "I thought about dying my hair, but to tell the truth, I wanted more, so I told the police that my parents hit me".
pukeforbreakfast: HAHAH

I love this bitch.

           So, I'm hopelessly addicted to the energy drink NOS, I can't help it.  Everyday before school you can see me in the store running to the drink isle.  I can't function without it.  I think that might become a problem.  The shit has a WARNING on it for pregnant people, which is...well...fucking bad.  I guess it's bad for you.  But hell, so is everything else, includeing rideing in cars, computer screens, and going outside, so whatever.

     Rumfelt has been weird lately, I'm not use to alot of shit with him right now, I really don't even want to talk to it.  Me and him are on good terms, he's my friend.

           I don't have the internet.  I'm addicted to Myspace as of right now.  My profile is set to private because of crazy asses looking at my profile, so you can't look at it unless you have a myspace, and I can look at your myspace and figure out who you are.  I don't usually just add anyone, but lately I've been getting to lazy to sort through everyone, so whatever.

    I've been spending so much time with my homies it's just unreal.  Some fucked up shit happend one weekend that is still kind of scaring me, but I'm getting over it, and the guy that did it will at one point get his ass in trouble, so whatever.  Karma is a bitch.

             I love christmas, despite the first six letters, because it reminds me of my Daddy, my old house, and all the good shit about being a kid.  I'm going to stay with Daddy for a little while too, so that adds to it.

    My hair is getting really damn long and I love it.  I'm starting to think about chopping it into a Mohawk, but I don't know.  I'm going to try to dye the ends green and see what happens.  I'm sick and tired of just plain black hair, yeah it looks nice, but it kind of pisses me off because I'm not a plain simple person, and it just....is plain and simple. I've never really had plain hair. I love the length, but I want it to be like, neon green.

          Paul is moving down here next week, and I'm happy, someone to hang out with, yeah I'm sad that he has to move back to his god awful place, but on a more selfish note, I'm happy I have someone to play with. :ř

         I have to meet with my probation officer next Thursday, that shouldn't be too hard, I just really don't want to take the time to have a drug test, it's annoying and it gets on my damn nerves.  I don't have an actual probation officer right now because the girl that was my probation officer, quit her job, so some Temp is coming to meet with me.  I know next time I'll get drug tested because he said the officer would be there.  I don't like that.  I swear, it's just really uncomfortable and weird.  I'm starting to wonder if they can even tell if you've had sex from those things, because he keeps asking me who I'm seeing and shit.  Maybe he just wants to know because he dosn't want me to be "hanging out with the wrong crowd".  I'm on probation for god sakes, I think that he should be worrying about the other person, not that I'm actually a threat or a bad person, that just makes more sence to me.  Alright, yeah.  I'm babbleing.

MY LOVE LIFE = COOL.  End of subject.

                    I'm getting some money back from a lawsuit that was pushed on Paxil.  Apparently the drug makes teens and kids kill themselves after an extended amount of time on it.  I was on it for 4 years, so that's not very great to find out.  So yeah, I'm going to be getting a money order in the mail from some big lawsuit aginst the company.  Antidepressants = Bad shit.  I have to take them though, because part of my court order is to go to a psychologist and get my medication evaluated.  I tryed to lie my way into not takeing them anymore, but mom told them how much of a bitch I was at home, so they  put me on something stronger.  Great.  Pretty soon I'll just be the girl in Tie Die waveing around a peace sign and just smileing alot.  *shivers* Jesus god, hippie, kill me now.

  One last thing: My entries suck, I know, but don't read them if you think so. :) 

Fuck you.

<3 Bye.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For longer than I once thought.

MusicSlayer - War Ensemble
Mood (I gotta pee)

         Well, long time no write, eh?  My life dosn't seem to be that intresting to me or anyone else, so I didn't really feel the need to write anything. I can seem to go on and on for pages about NOTHING at all and mutter about random shit that really dosn't make a bit of sence.  My spelling sucks, but my grammar rocks the cock.  Whatelse?  Oh.  Mega got in a car wreck.  Totaled her car.  I was supose to be with her.  Aint that a bitch?

      I'm going to my daddy's house this weekend.  I'm a tad bit nervous because I havn't seen him sence I got busted.  I'm bringing Dexter with me.  Maybe that will make things a little less stressed.  Dosn't matter though, me and my Daddy could get along no matter what.  Learning all thease traits I have from him and learning more about him from mom makes me happy.  Like my strange habbit of chewing on plastic?  Guess who I got that from.  Correct.

               I'm pretty much obsessed with PeeWee's Playhouse.  I want ANY sort of T-shirt from the show.  I get excited when it comes on.  I'm a loser.

      So, school started.  Things happend.   Me and Rumfelt broke it off (again) and I'm going out with a beautiful blonde babe named Dallas.  I call him Dallas Texas, and make random funny jokes about how "I wanna take a trip to Dallas".  He's mine.  No touchie.  He came and watched me play drums the other night.  I liked having his company, and he makes me laugh.  He complimented me, and said really really nice things to me.  He touches my hair and I almost fall in the floor like a 300 pound woman with Narcolepsy.  Things are nice.  I like smileing alot. 

            Paulie pocket hasn't been back in town, and I miss him.  I miss having his non-stupid-non-fucking-retarded personality around.  I wish I didn't live on the butthole-...no make that inside the butthole of the earth.  Things would be so much easier.  Mega and me are talking about moving to Seattle after we graduate.  I'm thinking that I'll do it.  Yeah.  I will.  Because that kind of shit will rock.  I'm just really afraid that me and my homies won't get to talk anymore.  I KNOW me and Mega will stay in contact.  But, with everyone else?  Who knows.  

               Ryan and Lindsey broke up.  I've talked to the poor guy enough on the phone to kill someone, and you could drown in the ammount of letters I've written him lately.  I feel bad, like I need to give him something to make him happy.  I've been through it, everyone has, it sucks for a little while, but then you forget why your sad and get on with things.  I don't know if Ryan's case will be that easy.  He was, after all, obsessed and completely in love.   Mind-you, breaking up wasn't in his future, or so he thought until she broke up with him.  He was crushed, I was shocked, I wanted to hug him so hard he vomited, I almost have a few times.  I worry about my friends way too much.  But when it comes to my Best Friends, I feel even more worried.  Poor Rypoop.

Me and Ryan.  Wow.  What an intresting angle and all.  I didn't have much time to take the picture, so I didn't make a cool enough face.  I wanted to though, bad. :(

      My webshots album, and my photobucket album are the shit.  If you don't know what to do to look at my photobucket album, then leave me a comment or e-mail me and I'll fill you in.  Trust me.  It's worth it. :)

           Dallas wasn't at school today.  That makes me very nervous.  I wonder what is going on.  My mom just saw him last night.  He came over and ate part of his dinner with her.   How dorky, haha.

      Playing quads now seems like a talent I've had all my life.  I feel like I know exactly how to play them, and I always have.  Trust me, I havn't.  I use to suck balls, badly, but I've come up in this world just a tad.  Ok.  Let's face it.  I'm radder than glitter.  People should come watch me play at football games.  It's pretty cool to watch, or at least, I think so.  Haha.  I kind of go crazy just a little.  But, I love it so much.  Me and Ryan ROCK.  ROCKKKKKKKKK.  At Ninja Turtles, and Whipe out.  It's really sexy.  HA.

            I have this strange new obsession with head bands.  I don't really know why, I guess I'm just a freak.  I really don't know.

   I pierced Mega's nose.  Cool stuff.  Pictures anyone?


         I got my licence taken.  From getting kicked out of school, apparently the school is able to take my licence.  It pisses me off but what can I do.  I would of probley lost them anyways.  I got a speeding ticket.  A bad speeding ticket.  22 miles over the speedlimit.  And I have to go to court.  Use to, me and mega would debate over which one of our cars we were going to take, now?  HA.  We're lucky if we GET a ride.

               All the sudden, I feel really gay.


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